I - Waking of Ishtar - Ishtar makes her appearance as the Goddess of Life and Love.

II – Lamento - The people of the world suffer because they have no fire or culture.

III – Oceans - Ishtar sees the suffering of her people and embarks on a quest to steal the fire. After an arduous journey through the seas of time and space, she docks at the banks of the Hall of the Gods.

IV – Enki - Enki, Ishtar's father, makes his appearance as Lord of Creation and Fire-bearer.

V - Hall of the Gods
i. Revel – Ishtar finds Enki and his gods in soused festivity celebrating their power and opulence.
ii. Theft of Fire – With keen dexterity Ishtar seizes the opportunity, steals the fire, and flees the Hall of the Gods.
iii. Challenge and Victory – Enki realizes Ishtar's actions and goes after her. He acknowledges Ishtar's intentions to use the fire for the benefit of the people, but challenges her power to make her earn it. Ishtar wins the battle and takes the fire to her people, where they rejoice and celebrate their rediscovered prosperity.

VI – Ereshkigal - Ereshkigal, Ishtar's sister, makes her appearance as the Goddess of the Dead and Queen of the Underworld.

VII – Enchantment - Ereshkigal sees how the people glorify Ishtar and revel in the fire's warmth and decides to in turn steal the fire from Humanity for her own pleasure. Stealthily she rises from the Underworld, casts a sleeping spell onto the people, takes the fire into her own hands, and disappears with an evil grin.

VIII - Wrath of Ishtar - Seeing how the people start to suffer again without fire, Ishtar realizes Ereshkigal's misdeeds and erupts in vile rage. Arming herself with bravery and virtue, she prepares to contest her sister's baneful intentions and retrieve the fire.

IX - The Underworld
i. Descent –Ishtar descends to the Gates of the Underworld.
ii. Guardian of the Underworld – The Guardian of the Underworld opens the Gates only after Ishtar surrenders her power and weapons. Ishtar walks through the Gates unarmed and vulnerable.
iii. Veil of Death – Ishtar walks confused through the Underworld, sensing an evil power lurking around her. Ereshkigal prowls towards Ishtar, following her steps with clandestine silence and invisibility… tasting the vulnerability of her prey... She pulls her veil of death and wraps it around Ishtar, strangling her like a spider spinning her catch, and fires a poisonous beam of death from her eyes, killing her with a lethal blow to her soul.

X - Death of the World - With Ishtar dead and the fire captive, the land turns into dark winter and the people grow hungry. Ereshkigal rises again from the Underworld and casts the spell of death over the land, covering it with her pestilent black veil and putting the world into eternal sleep. With their final breath and hope astray, the people summon and implore the gods for aid.

XI – Elementals - Such was the people's cry for assist, with endured strength it made it's way to Enki, who sends his two most loyal and adept Elementals to the Underworld. With effortless artistry, they fool the Guardian of the Underworld, recover Ishtar's power and weapons, and rush through the Gates. Upon finding Ishtar lifeless and vanquished, they heal her wounds and resuscitate her. With her powers bestowed and weapons in hand, Ishtar hunts Ereshkigal.

XII - Final Battle - Both sisters, with burning rage and unrelenting power, battle bloodthirstily for the honor to bear the eternal flame of life. With the most commanding drumfire of power, shaking the firmament and suspending time, Ishtar slays Ereshkigal, destroying her evil power and ceasing her reign in the Underworld forever.

XIII - Triumph of Ishtar
i. Celebration of Fire – Ishtar rises from the Underworld, melts the winter away from the lands and breathes life back into the people who rejoice in celebration and newfound prosperity.
ii. Crowning of Ishtar – Proven her power and audacity against all hindrance, Ishtar is crowned as sovereign ruler of the land for her bravery, her kindness, and her unconditional love for the people.

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