Death of the World

Weep we sons of man,
Weep we daughters,
Maidens of the dawn,
Children of faith,
Followers of light.

Mourn we for ourselves,
What we've become,
Countless souls enslaved in despair.

Ishtar is bound, her love unfound,
Lady of light is in sorrowful death.

Mourn we for ourselves,
For we are chained,
To the cold embrace,
The queen of death's spell we can't escape.

Darkness covers our eyes,
Our hearts enveiled cry out to the gods in vain.

Sleep we now, in restless chains,
Sleep in the dark eternal night.

Unknown what will come,
Ages of pain,
Mourn and suffering,

All hope is lost of ever seeing light.

Hear us Hall of the Gods,
Our deepest prayer,
And we'll come to life once again.

Copyright 2007 Firenight Records