Celebration of Fire

A new horizon has come at last.
Life is reborn from the sun recast.
And the spark of life throughout the world,
Will ignite upon us all.

(we will follow)
Through the day and through the night,
Through the stillness of the dawn,
We will sing in celebration our triumphant song.

Though our lives are frail we have kept the faith.
Our goddess of love has returned our flame.
May our fears and pain collide,
In the brightest beam of light.

(look towards the sun)
We look towards the sun, gallanat and brave,
Lavishing its warm embrace.
Look towards the sun, we look towards the sun, we look towards the sun.

We cherish the light of the flame of love.
We follow the sun and the stars above.
May our hearts unite in song
All one voice in unison .

(follow the sun)
We follow the sun, noble and kind,
Guiding through the sands of time.
We followthe sun, we follow the sun, we follow the sun.

The Crowning of Ishtar

Ishtar we crown, and forever reigns.
She has conquered the fire.

Our eternal flame shines through the sky
And in our hearts we will celebrate your glory
Till the solemn end of time.

Copyright 2007 Firenight Records