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RHELIQ - 2007

Theft of Fire

I.    Waking of Ishtar
II.   Lemento
III.  Oceans
IV.   Enki
V.    Hall of the Gods
       i.   Revel
      ii.   Theft of Fire
     iii.   Challenge and Victory
VI.   Ereshkigal
VII.  Enchantment
VIII. Wrath of Ishtar
IX.    The Underworld
       i.   Descent
      ii.   Guardian of the Underworld
     iii.   Veil of Death
X.    Death of the World
XI.   Elementals
XII.  Final Battle
XIII. Triumph of Ishtar
       i.   Celebration of Fire
      ii.   Crowning of Ishtar

14. Eidolon
15. Kindred Strings
16. Soledad
17. Lough Neagh
18. Remembranza
19. Rheliq

Guest musicians:
Elizabeth Courier - soprano vocals
Judy Plester - violin
Rune Palland - dumbek and riq
Richard Perry - djembe and didge on "Enchantment"
Sean Harris - bass guitar on "Lough Neagh"


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CIRCLE - 2006 collaboration

Bob Brinkman of Modern Bard and Marc Gunn from the Brobdingnagian Bards created this compilation CD to benefit the Red Cross' s Katrina Relief Fund. One by one, Renaissance festival music groups poured in from around the nation volunteering their music to help the relief effort.

Djilia Phralengo performs "Privamera" on Track 3.



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ORACLE - 2005

1. Intro - Evolution
2. Through the market square
3. Nuages
4. Duelo
5. Primavera
6. Ronroco
7. My dearest
8. On powdered wings
9. Sendero
10. Oracle
11. Paso del sol
12. Conquer it all
13. Whitewater
14. The fallen

Guest musicians:
Brian Durst- mandolin and charango
Mary Grace Allen - djembe and percussions



*** OUT OF PRINT ***

1. Luna gitana
2. Golden caravan
3. Ojos negros
4. Waterways
5. To the sun
6. Tarot
7. Until dawn
8. Je ne saurais pas
9. Entonces
10. Faraday
11. Portraits

Guest musician:
Geoff Roman - violin